Lawson Holland Thrillers Books 1-3 – Audiobook

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Get the first three audiobooks in the electrifying Lawson Holland Thrillers series, plus the prequel novella, One Is A Warrior. More than 40 hours of audio; four books for less than the price of two, all narrated by the author!

One Is A Warrior: A dangerous mission goes tragically wrong. Can one young warrior survive long enough to prove himself and save innocent lives? Newly qualified Navy SEAL Lawson Holland finds himself in harm's way on his first real-world mission. In a daring prison rescue in the middle of an urban combat zone, Holland's training and determination will be the only things standing between life and death for him, his team and the innocent civilians they encounter on the way.

The Blood of Tyrants: Retired Navy SEAL Lawson Holland has lost everything.  Disillusioned and wrestling with demons from his past, he goes deep into the wilderness to quiet his own nightmares. But Holland’s search for solace is interrupted. Caught in the middle of a rapidly unfolding assassination plot, Holland is the last man standing between President Galen Tolliver and certain death. Faced with an impossible choice, how far is he willing to go?

The Blood of Patriots: Lawson Holland thought he'd lost everything. In the aftermath of an assassination and a spate of terrorist attacks, Lawson Holland finds himself chasing a ghost, daring to hope that a lost family member can somehow be found. With his country on the brink of destruction at the hands of enemies foreign and domestic, Holland pursues justice, revenge, and healing. Finding any or all of them, however, will exact a heavy price. Holland will soon learn that the most precious things in life are not free—and they sometimes require payment in blood.

The Tree of Liberty: Lawson Holland is hoping to finally live a normal life. But when war breaks out close to home, Holland and company are caught up in it. The resulting fight will decide the future of their country, but winning the war may cost them everything.


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