Why Buy Direct?


You might wonder why you should purchase your ebooks, audio books and paperbacks direct from the author.

That’s a perfectly valid question; after all, aren’t the major retailers more secure, more convenient, and less expensive?

The answers to those questions may surprise you.

More secure?

No, not at all. This website uses the same security features found on all the major retailers. Your data is just as safe here – and we won’t be tracking everything you do, or pushing random products on you that you don’t want. You’re here to buy books. We’re here to provide them. That’s it.

More convenient?

Okay, maybe. But convenience always comes with a price. See the above answer and consider how creepy it is when you’ve been talking about some product in the privacy of your own home, and the next time you open your phone or computer, online advertisers inundate you with ads for that very product. It’s almost like they’ve been listening to your conversations.

Weird, huh?

Less expensive?

Not at all. Every item offered direct on this store is priced from 25% to 40% LESS than the major retailers.

How is that possible?

Great question. The major retailers all take a generous (for them) cut of the list price on every book they sell. Depending on format, the author can usually expect to see only 40% to 70% of the profits – that’s after expenses are calculated.

By purchasing direct from the author, you cut out the middle man. The retailers don’t get a cut, so I can offer steep discounts off of their prices: You save a lot of money, and I still earn the same or even more in some cases.

But… what if I really LIKE the major retailers?

No problem. I want you to shop wherever you feel most comfortable. Most every item on this store is widely available. When you get to an individual product page in the store, there will be a big orange button that will take you to the big stores, and my feelings won’t be hurt in the least.

Some books, such as the Harvey Bennett Prequels Series, are only available on Amazon. This is due to different distribution obligations with other authors, or ongoing exclusive distribution agreements with Amazon. Clicking on those books will take you straight to their Amazon page. Eventually, all books that I hold rights for will be offered here and in all major retailers.

But from time to time, there will be products here that are only available here – such as free books, special edition boxsets, and other exclusive items. Keep an eye out.

If you do choose to buy direct from me, I want to thank you in advance. You’re supporting an independent author in the best way possible. If you choose to buy from the big stores, I also want to thank you. I appreciate the support, regardless of the source.

Thanks for visiting the site – I hope you find something of interest!