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M. P. MacDougall


“I’m just so excited about this audiobook, it’s so clear to me that you are a great narrator and a really good fit for this book.”

– Mattie Richardson, Author of ‘Day and Night

“Thanks for bringing my very first novel to life.”

– Gene Cartwright, Author of ‘I Never Played Catch With My Father’

“It’s fantastic. I’m looking forward to readers discovering this audiobook.”

– Van Heerling, Author of ‘Dreams of Eli’

“I LOVED your audio work for The Enigma Strain!”

– Nick Thacker, Author of ‘The Enigma Strain’

About M. P.

M.P. MacDougall is an American voice actor specializing in audiobook narration and production. He is also an independent author and publisher of political/military thrillers, humorous satire and fantasy. MP was a professional air traffic controller for more than 26 years, controlling traffic in eleven different control tower and radar approach control facilities in three different countries on three continents, as well as four different US states. He retired in 2017 to pursue his lifelong dream of writing. Seeing a need to have his own books put into audio format, he stepped back in front of a microphone to do it himself, happily discovering that he loves narrating and producing audiobooks just as much as he loves writing them.

MP lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife and three children.

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