Last fall, I was interviewed by my friend Tom Morkes, the CEO of Insurgent Publishing and the brains behind, where he writes about getting the most out of your creativity and building success through discipline and focused hard work.

In the interview we talk about the journey to becoming a published author, how I got pointed in that direction and why, and the benefits of writing and creativity.

Our discussion just went live, and you can listen to it here. It’s episode #54 of Tom’s In The Trenches podcast, which is a forum that allows Tom to “sit down and have authentic conversations with game-changers, status-quo challengers, and creative insurgents; individuals who write, draw, produce, publish, create, break, build, invent and lead.”

Tom was kind enough to include an article I wrote in the inaugural issue of his business/arts journal, The Creative Entrepreneur, which makes him my first publisher. I’m grateful for that, and I’m really honored to be included in the group of game-changers that Tom features on his podcast – any one of their interviews is well worth listening to, and it’s an amazing collection of very talented people.

Check out the interview, and check out Tom’s work at Insurgent Publishing and