I’m very excited to report that my second book is now published!

Meat Sandwiches: What REAL Men Eat is Book Two in the How to Steer Your Kid series, and it went live on Amazon yesterday. I had a lot of fun writing this one, and I have to say that seeing two books on my Amazon author page is pretty cool!

Writing books has always been a dream and a goal of mine – but until recently I had simply assumed it was one of those goals that was unattainable – other people wrote books, not me – more qualified, better educated, luckier people than me. I had a long list of such reasons why I couldn’t accomplish the goal myself.

But now, seeing two of my own published works on Amazon, available for real, living, breathing other people to purchase and enjoy, I can’t deny the fact that no matter what your goal is, you can get it done if you’re willing to buckle down and just do the dang thing.

This concept isn’t limited to writing. It translates to just about any area of life – any goal or skill you’re struggling with or aspiring to. Getting things accomplished is not a matter of sitting around wishing them into existence. I know, because that’s how I used to go about it, and I can say with confidence that it doesn’t work.

What does work, oddly enough, is work. I’ve seen this principle demonstrated in the behavior of many successful people I know and admire. While many of them are dreamers, they use their dreams as fuel for action as opposed to allowing them to become distractions.

They dream – then they get to work.

I say all this because applying this principle to my own dream has produced the very tangible result of two books published in less than four months. Compare that stat to the zero books I published in the previous four and half decades or so. Obviously, something changed for the better!

If you have a dream or goal, don’t listen to the voices saying ‘it can’t be done’. Listen instead to the voice saying ‘get up and do it’.

The first choice is easier, but it leads to failure and disappointment.

The second choice is much more difficult, but it’s the voice of wisdom, and it leads to results.