Quick update – I’ve been remiss in posting to the site for some time, but I haven’t been completely attached to the couch in my absence… I’ve been working on finishing Book Two in the How to Steer Your Kid trilogy – Meat Sandwiches!

The good news is that I’ve finished about 90% of the writing, and I still have more than a month until my self-imposed random publication deadline of February 28. (I’ve found that random deadlines for definite goals are much more effective than random goals with indefinite deadlines – strange, but true.)

The latest progress to report is that today I finished the cover for Meat Sandwiches, shown here:


Also, Here’s the preliminary list of completed chapters…

Fishing Follies

Scuba Tenting

Meat Sandwiches

The Foot


Bumpus Culture

Hot Stuff

The Attack Badger

…as well as some potential chapters yet to be completed:

Politically incorrect Ballads

In the Heartburn of the Sea

The Forest Circus

Pale Bike Rider

There’s a Booger on the Banister

Flinchy Trigger Finger

The Swimming Trough

Stupid Airman Tricks

Stay tuned for updates – Meat Sandwiches will be released on or before February 28!