With only one week left before the release of my first book, I thought it might be good to give an update on my progress.

Jet Screamer isn’t quite finished yet, but I have passed my word count goal of 25000 words. Now I’m editing and fleshing out the shorter chapters, adding details and cutting out the fluff I don’t need.

I have thirteen working chapter titles. My initial goal was ten, so the extras give me flexibility to include them all in this book or save some for a later volume. If you’re curious, the chapter titles are (in no particular order):

‘Picnicker’ and Other Insults

Mt. McLoughlin (The Hard Way)

The Butcher

Yellow Jacket, Where is Thy Sting?

Pillow Boxing

Like a Blind Cow…

The Swimming Trough

Travels With Chumley

Jet Screamer

The Skinny Dip

To Air is You, Man

Perfectly Good Gristle

The Death March

Of these thirteen, I have seven finished and ready to go, four in rough draft, and two more that are basically nothing more than conceptual. Ideally, I’ll be able to finish ten at a bare minimum, and save the rest for later in the trilogy.

Other progress: Today I have to buy ISBN numbers. These are a bit expensive, but cheaper if you buy them in bulk. Amazon will be happy to provide me with one when I publish, but then they get credited as the publisher. If I provide my own ISBN, I can be listed as the publisher of record and if for any reason I ever want to print the book with another vendor, I can do that. Free ISBNs don’t always give you that option, so I’m biting the bullet and getting my own.

Some of you may have seen my lame attempt at illustration for my book cover here.

If so, don’t worry – I went on Fiverr and found a great artist from Australia to do a cover for me. I’ll take his drawing and incorporate it into a cover design, but here’s his work as he sent it to me:


Hilarious – thanks, Sam!

If you’d like a fast, inexpensive caricature done, I highly recommend Sam. You can find him on Fiverr.com under the name ‘idrawcartoons’.

So, that’s it so far.

For the rest of this week, I’ll be using my free time to finish the final draft; finish the cover by adding the title and byline to Sam’s drawing using Gimp; getting the book formatted correctly for uploading to Kindle Direct Publishing; and setting up my author account on Amazon.

Stay tuned – I’ll update again as the launch gets closer!