Today, I got published.

No, not six-figure book deal, private jet, book tour published.

Not self-published on this site either, where I control the editorial staff with an iron fist.

But published – somewhere else.

Somewhere that someone else controls – which requires knowing somebody on the inside.

Bradley Charbonneau is the inside man at (he owns the place), where he explores different ways to look at life’s perceived impossibilities. He’s an excellent writer, an extremely hard worker and an all-around good guy.

Bradley was kind enough to invite me to write a guest post on repossible. It was my first guest post – on any site, and he published it this morning.

Check it out here.

I met Bradley on Fizzle – a community of online entrepreneurs who are all interested in meeting and interacting with others like them.

Fizzle has connected me not only with other writers, but with folks in other professions entirely – whose ideas and input have been invaluable in getting me to write, and getting my writing out where somebody can see it.

For example:

I got the idea for my write every day challenge from John Muldoon, another friend I met on Fizzle.

Bradley got the same idea from John, and had reached 100 straight days in his writing challenge around the time I started mine.

If I hadn’t joined Fizzle, I wouldn’t have met John or Bradley, who wouldn’t have met each other –

– and John would never have inspired both of us to push ourselves.

If Bradley hadn’t joined Fizzle, he may not have started his writing challenge –

– and I certainly wouldn’t have started mine.

Bradley would never have read any of my writing –

– because I would never have written anything for him to read.

He would never have offered me the chance to write for his site –

– and I would never have known what I was missing.

See how it works?

Networking – and the friendships it promotes – are invaluable.

It’s the reason why today, I got published.