William Kamkwamba could have surrendered.

He could have listened to the people around him who said it couldn’t be done.

He didn’t.

William lived in abject poverty in Malawi during one of the worst famines in that country’s history. They had so little food, at one point they were forced to eat the corn husks they collected from the parched fields near their home. His family couldn’t afford the $80 tuition needed to keep him in school, so he had to quit.

He had almost no education, no money and no way out.

So he educated himself, and found a way.

William describes how in this video.

The story of William’s life is a fascinating read. Find it here.

William built a windmill out of intuition, effort and scrap – and changed his life forever.

He didn’t listen to excuses, but trusted himself, and believed.

Because of that, he’s changing not only his life, but his family, his village and his nation. The starving son of a poor subsistence farmer is now a student at Dartmouth with unlimited potential.

If you’re facing something difficult, stop and think:

How much more do you have to work with than William did?

Then ask yourself what you’ll do with it.

Take action?

Or take a seat?

Trust Yourself, and Believe.