Today’s post is a combination of things.

I’ve been wanting to post more of my fiction, humor and semi-biographical dysfunctional drama as part of my Write Every Day challenge, so for today’s post, I’ve started a new page on the site, called “Shorts.”

Look up.

To your right.

Oooh, a new button!

Not a big deal for most technically savvy people, but when you figure that the last formatting tweak I made to this site happened about a year ago, this is a slightly big deal to me.

Anyway, the “Shorts” page is going to be just that – a place where I can post short stories, humorous pieces and other random acts of fiction. The first installment is a story I wrote years ago that’s mostly true, and only slightly revised. You’ll find I was a bit more verbose in my earlier days. Still working on that.

So go check out the first entry on my “Shorts” page. Normally, I’d put a link here for your convenience – but I really want you to click that new button thingy.

Try it.

It’s fun.

Well, I think it’s sorta fun…