Hating Hemingway

When I was in high school (about a hundred years ago) I was forced against my will to read many of the “classics” of American literature. Unlike most of my friends at the time, I loved reading, but like most high school students of any era, I hated being required to read books that I never would have picked up on my own. One book that caused me more irritation than most was Ernest Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea.

I distinctly recall having heated verbal arguments with my English teacher along the following lines: (more…)

Using Scrivener to Organize Your Writing

Nick Thacker at Live Hacked has a great post about how Scrivener can help writers to organize not only their thoughts, but their projects as well. Nick does a much better job explaining the capabilities of Scrivener than I ever could, so check his post for all the details. For the condensed version, suffice it to say that I bought the full Scrivener program after using the 30-day free trial for just two days. I would have bought it after the first day, but I got distracted by something or other (LOOK! A SQUIRREL!!! Dang adult ADD). (more…)