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He just saved his son. Together, can they save their country?

Hoping to finally live a normal life, Lawson Holland has just returned from rescuing his son Tony in Afghanistan.

But when war breaks out close to home, Lawson, Tony and company are caught up in it.

Losing the war will cost them their country.

Winning may cost them everything.


Lawson Holland Thrillers

A newly elected president, a disastrous foreign policy shift and a freak accident force retired Navy SEAL Lawson Holland to choose between personal vengeance and doing what is best for the nation he loves.

Thrust reluctantly back to the front lines in a war he didn’t want, Holland has to navigate between bloodthirsty terrorists, ruthless assassins and unscrupulous politicians, all of them threats to the only family Holland has left.

For some problems, blood is the only solution.

In the aftermath of an assassination and a spate of terrorist attacks, Lawson Holland finds himself chasing a ghost, daring to hope that a lost family member can somehow be found.

With his country on the brink of destruction at the hands of enemies both foreign and domestic, Holland pursues justice, revenge and healing.

Finding any or all of them, however, will exact a heavy price.

Holland will soon learn that the most precious things in life are NOT free – and they sometimes require payment in blood.

He just saved his son. Together, can they save their country?

Lawson Holland has returned from rescuing his son Tony in Afghanistan, hoping to finally live a normal life. But when war breaks out close to home, Holland, Tony and company are caught up in it.

The resulting fight will decide the future of their country, but it may cost them everything.

Locked in a desperate struggle against overwhelming odds, Lawson Holland is in a tug of war: one one side is his sense of duty to a country he’s served for his entire life; on the other, his desire to protect his son from further harm.
Can he turn his back on one, if that decision threatens the survival of the other?
Will he be paralyzed by the fear of inevitable loss, or will he ‘sing his death song, and die like a hero going home?’

Lawson Holland Novellas

PANAMA, 1989

Newly qualified Navy SEAL Lawson Holland finds himself in harm’s way on his first real-world mission.In a daring prison rescue in the middle of an urban combat zone, Holland’s training and determination will be the only things standing between life and death for him, his team and the innocent people they encounter on the way.

Harvey Bennett Prequels(With Nick Thacker)

He just wants a new life. To escape from it all… but fate has other plans.

When tragedy strikes Harvey during a family camping trip, he does the only thing he knows how: he runs away.

The Icarus Effect is a coming-of-age story set in the woods and backcountry of the US, following the saga of a young man who just wants to find his place in the world.

Introducing the newest in the Harvey Bennett universe: the Harvey Bennett Prequel series.


The ‘How to Steer Your Kid’ Series

In the first installment of the How to Steer Your Kid series, M.P. MacDougall presents a string of hilarious vignettes about his upbringing as the youngest of twelve kids. He spent his childhood surrounded by obnoxious cows, Big Meanies, perilous expeditions, ravenous Sasquatches, mindless herds of picnickers, and meals that would make Julia Child roll over in her grave. His only means to survive it all was to assume a powerful alter-ego: Jet Screamer!

In this, the second installment in the How to Steer Your Kid series, M. P. MacDougall returns with a cast of irreverent characters and hilarious, only slightly embellished stories. There’s something for everyone who ever grew up in a somewhat weird family.
MacDougall relates a variety of slapstick adventures – from taxidermy gone horribly wrong, to near-drownings while encased in a sleeping bag, to being hunted by a mythical monster with a sadistic sense of humor. Redneck neighbors and red-hot peppers are no match for the erstwhile Jet Screamer. Suffering personal injury to his extremities and personal insults to his psyche, MacDougall survives it all with a steady diet of Meat Sandwiches – his self-proclaimed Food for REAL Men.

Praise for M.P. MacDougall

Definitely a 5 plus star rating. It's a WOW read, and a real tearjerker...

– Kindle Customer, on ‘The Icarus Effect’

The story was so well written that I could hear the gunfire and picture the chaos in my head.

– Kindle Customer, on ‘One Is A Warrior’

Knowing that this is the first in a trilogy, I tried to take it slowly, to savor it until the next book is released, but I couldn’t do it. This book was so good, I couldn’t put it down!

– R., Kindle Customer, on ‘The Blood of Tyrants’

It's hard to keep reading when you laugh until your eyes water. Just remember, it's 'good gristle'!

– Martin, Kindle Customer, on ‘Jet Screamer’

Oh, to be a fly on the wall in this household. Great fun, cannot wait until the next installment!

– Biowolf, Kindle Customer, on ‘Meat Sandwiches’

M. P. MacDougall Author – Voice Actor

M.P. MacDougall is an American historian, voice actor and author of political/military thrillers, humorous satire and fantasy. The youngest of twelve children, he grew up on a suburban farm, spending much of his free time chasing cows, perfecting bicycle stunts and playing in the dirt, and he never had to wear a helmet or use anti-bacterial soap. He was a professional air traffic controller for more than 26 years, serving in the US Air Force, Oregon Air National Guard, Department of Defense, and finally the Federal Aviation Administration. He controlled traffic in eleven different control tower and radar approach control facilities in three different countries on three continents, as well as in four different US states. He retired in 2017 to pursue his lifelong dream of writing.

MP lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife and three children.