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Lawson Holland Thrillers

Lawson Holland is a retired US Navy SEAL with an innate talent for combat. Join Holland as he brings that skill to bear against enemies foreign and domestic


Join M. P. MacDougall and a cast of characters that ranges from mythical monsters to stuffed badgers, and most everything in between. Don’t miss these side-splitting adventures in absurdity!

The Icarus Effect

Read the first origin story from Nick Thacker’s bestselling Harvey Bennett Thriller series, written by M. P. MacDougall!

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Locked in a desperate struggle against overwhelming odds, Lawson Holland is in a tug of war: on one side is his sense of duty to a country he’s served for his entire life; on the other, his desire to protect his son from further harm.
Can he turn his back on one, if that decision threatens the survival of the other?
Will he be paralyzed by the fear of inevitable loss, or will he ‘sing his death song, and die like a hero going home?’

Get the fourth installment in the electrifying Lawson Holland Thriller series today!

Praise for M. P. MacDougall

Definitely a 5 plus star rating. It's a WOW read, and a real tearjerker...

– Kindle Customer, on ‘The Icarus Effect’

The story was so well written that I could hear the gunfire and picture the chaos in my head.

– Kindle Customer, on ‘One Is A Warrior’

Knowing that this is the first in a trilogy, I tried to take it slowly, to savor it until the next book is released, but I couldn’t do it. This book was so good, I couldn’t put it down!

– R., Kindle Customer, on ‘The Blood of Tyrants’

It's hard to keep reading when you laugh until your eyes water. Just remember, it's 'good gristle'!

– Martin, Kindle Customer, on ‘Jet Screamer’

Oh, to be a fly on the wall in this household. Great fun, cannot wait until the next installment!

– Biowolf, Kindle Customer, on ‘Meat Sandwiches’

M. P. MacDougall Author – Voice Actor

M.P. MacDougall is an American historian, voice actor and author of political/military thrillers, humorous satire and fantasy. The youngest of twelve children, he grew up on a suburban farm, spending much of his free time chasing cows, perfecting bicycle stunts and playing in the dirt, and he never had to wear a helmet or use anti-bacterial soap. He was a professional air traffic controller for more than 26 years, serving in the US Air Force, Oregon Air National Guard, Department of Defense, and finally the Federal Aviation Administration. He controlled traffic in eleven different control tower and radar approach control facilities in three different countries on three continents, as well as in four different US states. He retired in 2017 to pursue his lifelong dream of writing.

MP lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife and three children.

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