My Books


Jet Screamer/Meat Sandwiches/How to Steer Your Kid (How to Steer Your Kid Trilogy)

Humorous short story collection about life as one of twelve children and the strange behavior it causes.

Volume one, Jet Screamer: The Pout Before the Storm released on Amazon for Kindle October 30, 2014.

Volume two, Meat Sandwiches: What REAL Men Eat released on Amazon for Kindle on February 7, 2015.

Volume three, How to Steer Your Kid coming Summer 2015.

The Seeds of Civilization (working title)

Sci-fi political farce about group of people trying to colonize an alien planet, while facing shortages of cash, intelligence and talent. No projected completion date.


Title to be Announced

My first novel; currently in progress. Spiritual thriller, set on a sailing ship and involving cross-dimensional travel. Stay tuned for updates and future sample chapters. I’m planning a 100,000 word novel, and I’m currently just over 20,000. Projected completion late 2016. Considering plot lines for potential sequel/trilogy.

Sedition (working title)

Political thriller. Politician captured by recluse and forced to depend on his captor for survival, all the while convinced the man wants him dead. No projected completion date.


STRONGHOLD (working title)

Historical novel set in 1870s American West. Clash of cultures and tragic consequences as westward expansion threatens natives and settlers alike, culminating in lies, betrayal, murder and war. Initial research ongoing, no projected completion date.

Life of a Salesman (working title)

Fictionalized biography of a traveling salesman around the turn of the twentieth century whose career prevents him from ever meeting his youngest son. No projected completion date.

Title to be Announced

Historical novel dealing with the disappearance of a pirate ship in the 1700s. No projected completion date.